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Damascus steel is not a material, but a process that is used to combine different types of steel into a beautiful, hardened blade. We fold the 15n20 nickel and 1095 high carbon 8 times, which gives your blades 512 layers.

Tough:- High Carbon Steel and 15n20 nickel are folded over and over to make a Damascus blade. This process was developed centuries ago and although some of the materials used are more refined than they were hundreds of years ago, the process itself has pretty much remained the same.

Craftsmanship:- Although the blade is tough and hardened, the process of moulding the metal into different shapes and styles is easily done in the hands of a master knife smith. Damascus steel blades are known for holding a sharper edge longer than any other steel.

Beautiful:- In the knife world, there is nothing more beautiful than a Damascus steel blade. The etching on each knife is unique and when you understand how it is made, it tells a story of how the master knifesmith made this particular blade. Waves of nickel steel and carbon steel bend their way in layers on each blade giving each Damascus blade a look and feel of its own.